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slash9dotnet eBay Auction

Motorola Razr V3A Cell Phone (Alltel)
* Completely functional, but displays do not light up *

Description:  Up for auction is my cell phone that was a replacement to my previous Motorola RAZR V3 which had the camera short out.  The LCD displays on the phone have recently quit working.  This happened to me a couple times previously and all I had to do to correct the issue was to let the phone sit without the battery installed for an hour or so...  I've decided that I didn't want to go this route with the phone anymore and I purchased a new phone so I no longer need it.  The original plastic protective film is still on the inside LCD screen of the phone, so it's in mint condition!  I'm not sure what all is involved in getting the phone back to 100% operation again, but I do know that when the display is out, calls can still be made and the phone is completely functional, however, you can't see what you're doing, etc.  The phone should still be able to be programmed, etc. through an Alltel agent, but I cannot make any guarantees with this phone.  The phone is deactivated and is sold as-is with Alltel as the former carrier.

If you have any questions, please ask!  I will do my best to answer them as best that I can!  Check out my feedback for 100% customer satisfaction!

* Over 15 custom ringtones included in phone's integrated memory *

Payment:  Payment must be made within 5 days of auction end.  PayPal is our preferred payment method, however, we will accept checks (personal or bank) but the item will not ship until the payment has cleared.

Shipping:  This item will be shipped via United States Postal Service Priority Mail shipping at a flat rate of $9.50.  Insurance is optional for an additional $2.00.

Low Reserve!  Bid Now!

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The original LCD protection film is still on the inner LCD display!

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